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Road towards implementation

Starting into a new year means starting with new purposes and resolutions, and after our intense last months of 2019 we want to keep up with the good rhythm, because we can proudly say that 2020 will be the year of glassic’s launching! Many are the good news that will make this happen… Let’s go step by step

By the end of 2019, five new members joined our team. Thanks to their undeniable motivation and the participation to the accelerator ‘Act on Plastic’, we believe that we have achieved a very professional project, for which all of us have a clear objective: launch glassic beginning of 2020.

The first step towards implementation is gathering sufficient funding for affording the machinery and the bottles, since the building is almost done, and waiting for the production to start!

The bottles are already covered. We were initially planning to start the pilot project with roughly 3,000 bottles, since we could probably not afford more… but while researching on European bottle providers, we literally found our angel. Mr. Schlegel from Systempack donated us the astonishing amount of over 18,000 bottles. Beeing so convinced of glassic, he even got his partners on board. RS SiebdruckService donates the printing of the bottles while SCS Eurologistik and ETS Transport & Logistics make sure that the bottles will come to Koh Kood.

This is one of the most rewarding milestones for glassic, and therefore we believe it deserves a unique and complete post, that we will soon share in more detail with you.

Once those bottles are shipped to Thailand we are bounded to a very tight schedule. That is why we are putting all of our attention to make sure that everything is ready for a successful implementation, such as recruiting the future employees of the facility on Koh Kood.

We are proud of what we have achieved, but it also makes us very happy that the Advisory Board as well as our fellow Enactus colleagues recognize our dedication by choosing us as the project of the year during the Enactus gala.

And we will do our best to make this happen…

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