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The machines we use are FDA approved and licensed by the Thai law to produce quality drinking water. With this system the project aims to reduce transportation and emission costs associated with the plastic bottles while increasing job opportunities for locals on the island. 

The local production of drinking water in glass bottles enables us to sell it cheaper than imported plastic bottles, which will help entering the market on the island. By product replacement via our glass bottles we expect to prevent 700,000 plastic bottles within the first season and create up to 11 jobs at site. We will partner with the gastronomy of bars and restaurants as well as hotels and resorts on the island of Koh Kood.


In Southeast Asia, drinking water is mainly consumed from plastic bottles. However, the demand of drinking water increases due to a growing population & tourism, causing a tremendous waste problem. 

Sometimes plastic stays within the cities to pollute the streets. Sometimes people burn it and cause smock that enormously damages their own health and the well-being of their community. Mostly, however, trash is dumped on landfills - and when the rain comes, it streams down to the ocean. 

What we call paradise is the sum of sensitive, endangered eco-systems.

Our first project is taking place in Asia. We will implement a reusable glass bottle system on the island of Koh Kood, Thailand, and therefore offer a real alternative to avoid the consumption of plastic bottles. 

The business basically consists of four parts: First, the water treatment and drinking water production, second  the bottling, which is then followed by the logistics, the distribution of our bottles to our customers. Finally our bottles will be re-collected, cleaned and refilled to close the sustainable cycle. 

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For the realization of the project, we cooperate with a local entrepreneur, Kittipat, who will own the business and contribute to the initial investment costs, forming a partnership.


With the glassic bottle we provide a sustainable product, which combines an ecological and economical impact on our customers. Ecologically, because our bottle reduces single-use plastic. Economically, as the glassic. bottle is cheaper than the imported plastic bottles from the mainland. Additionally, our customers will be provided with an all-round carefree package. Our product will be delivered and empty bottles will be fetched from the customers site. 

We offer locals a clean way of living, and tourists a clean way of traveling. With an increasing rate of travellers, this is a crucial step to keep the world clean and the oceans flourishing.

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Ecological Impact

Economical Impact

All round service

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