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Frequently Asked Questions

What is glassic doing? 

We produce mineralized drinking water and fill it up in reusable glass bottles to offer a sustainable alternative to water in single-use plastic bottles. Thereby, we reduce the generation of plastic waste of which large amounts end up in our environment and harm our ecosystems. Plus, we strongly reduce carbon emissions by reusing resources (our glass bottles) and shortening logistic routes.

Read about our solution in Our Product.

Can I buy glassic water?

We sell our glassic water to business customers from the hotel industry and gastronomy, not directly to consumers. Thereby, we can ensure full circularity as our water is consumed at the place of our customers and all empty bottles can be picked up, cleaned and reused to maximize their impact. This would not be possible when selling to individual customers through retail stores as no large scale.

How and when did you start glassic? 

Project glassic was initiated by Patrick, our founder, after he travelled Thailand in 2016. Experiencing the extend of the plastic problem - which we all know about - first hand, planted the seed for change. Coming back to Germany, Patrick knew he wanted to adress the issue and started building up a team within Enactus which researched the problem, its roots and is working on implementing a solution since then. 


You are interested in the details? Check out Our Story.

Who does realize project glassic? 

Project glassic is driven by a team of international students all being members of Enactus, the world’s largest student initiative for social entrepreneurship, in close collaboration with local entrepreneurs and partners in Thailand. Also the support of our german sponsors and advisors significantly contributes to our achievements. 

If you want to see our glassic family, as we call it, go to Our Team

Where is the project located?

Our beverage business is located on Ko Kut, a small thai island. That’s where we currently build up our production facility, where we will sell our water and thereby positively impact the environment. 

In parallel, the majority of our team is living in Germany, where the project was initiated. 

Why did you chose Ko Kut as your project location? 

The reason why we have chosen Ko Kut for our first production facility is because we found two partners there early in the process: Kittiphat, a local entrepreneur, whose land our production facility is built on and Soneva, a sustainable luxury resort, which provides us with expertise in the hotel industry and in sustainable water production.

How do you finance project glassic? 

So far our project is enabled by our partners, sponsors and advisors, who support us with monetary and material donations as well as advisory services. 

As soon as our business is running and we ramped up our production (to 3000 bottles a day) we are financially self-sustaining. 

How can I support project glassic? 

Different ways can be found under Support Us.

What's your goal with project glassic?

"We envision a world where circular systems serve people, planet and prosperity."

Following our vision, we work on ways to use consumer products circularly (reusing a water bottle over and over again instead of throwing it away after one single use). By offering affordable alternatives to otherwise single-use plastic products, our goal is to reduce plastic waste, to lower carbon emissions, and to create awareness for the problem itself, but also for existing solutions.

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