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We are a team of ambitious students from various academic backgrounds based in Munich and our local partners based in Ko Kut. What unites us is our shared vision of a world without plastic pollution and our drive to create real impact.

Patrick Bombik

Founder & Team Lead

Patrick founded glassic and drives the project forward since its initiation in 2017. As he accompanied every step of the project, he is the brain behind glassic, able to answer every question that might pop up.


Anna-Lena Diehl

Logistics & Operations

Anna-Lena makes sure that all our production processes on Ko Kut run smoothly. She is a great team-worker, who loves to create solutions within a motivated team like glassic. 

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Marvin Bertenrath

Business Development

Marvin is responsible for presenting our project to the world. He is not only maintaining our communication channels, but also frames our long-term positioning as an impact startup. 


Neeve Perner

Logistics & Operations

Neeve strongly supports the operation of glassics business processes and never fails to critically question the status quo aiming for optimisation.


Sebastian Reff


Sebastian thoroughly advances the finance related side of the business. He makes sure we stay within our business plans and also handles the processes concerning the go live.

Alexandre downsized.jpg

Alexandre Kessler

Logistics & Operations

When there is a technical hurdle in the production process, Alexandre is the one who comes up with innovative engineering solutions to ensure smooth operation.

We are partnering with local entrepreneurs, impact-driven initiatives, and like-minded individuals to implement our solution on site.


Kittaphat is a local entrepreneur who enables us to put the project to reality on Ko Kut. With his support we constructed our production side and found a water source. Additionally, he helps us with his expertise on the local market.

EcoPure Waters is our technology partner providing us with 15 years of expertise in the drinking water production. In our facility, we use their water filtration and refilling system.

Soneva is a sustainable luxury hotel chain which operates one of their resorts on Ko Kut. With their dedication and knowledge in sustainability we won a valuable partner who introduced us to the local community and supported us since the very beginning.


We are supported by international initiatives, future-oriented companies and our academic network. 

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You want to support our mission? 

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