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The glassic team is multinational and consists of 15 students from a variety of subjects, motivated to invest our time and effort into this subject, aiming to shape a more sustainable world. ​

For general knowhow and consultancy on the business processes, we hold a network of several private people such as the consultancy Barkawi Management Consulting and Board Academy.

Glassic is a project by Enactus, a worldwide non-profit organization, in Munich.


We act, together. We decide, together.


At the end of the day, we hope we can change the world a little bit, together.


The origins of glassic date back to 2014. Looking for the perfect spot on a hidden beach, our founder Patrick recognised a heap of objects that was nothing but plastic trash polluting the beach. Moved by the images he saw on the islands, Patrick could not stay idle. It seemed obvious to him that the best way to stop plastic pollution in places where there is not a proper waste management, was by completely avoiding it… and this concept was the basis to build glassic, a project supported by Enactus Munich. 


Nowadays, the images of those polluted beaches are resonating deep in our heads. With passion and professionalism, the glassic team is becoming what we always wanted: an impactful social venture that provides sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging in the places where they are most needed. Our first product: reusable glass bottles. Our first location: the Thai island of Koh Kood. Our way to solve this problem is the result of 3 years of the effort and the commitment of 15 students, who by traveling to the island have acquired a partnership with a local entrepreneur helping us with the production site, and future customers to who we want to guarantee the best quality of our product; provided by Ecopurewaters.


Glassic will be reducing the number of plastic bottles down to 700,000/per year in Koh Kood. Our revenue will allow us to scale our business to other islands and extend our product portfolio. With the ultimate goal of raising awareness among the population, glassic aims to support educational programs in those vulnerable places, because we believe that individuals can make a difference with their choices. 

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We believe in sustainable change. For us, this kind of change is one created by entrepreneurial spirit. 

We believe in passion, integrity and professionalism on all levels of decision-making. 


Partners who help us challenge the status quo in regions highly affected by plastic pollution.

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