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I hope you will all feel a little more motivated by reading this, and for all of you who will not check the end of the page for a nice surprise.

In 1968, the Rolling Stones were singing “You can’t always get what you want”, and they were right. For example, I bet at least one of you wanted to go to a concert in March, someone wanted to go for a trip to Thailand in April (Glassic Team), and I really wanted to write a kick-ass motivation Monday post but here we are… on a Tuesday.

I guess at this point we can all drop that neurotic smile we hold while repeating positive statements and keeping our downward-facing-dog yoga pose.

Let’s face it. None likes COVID-19, none likes social distancing in the long-run (although I am sure it felt pretty awesome the first 5 days for many of us), and most importantly none likes being reminded by the cell that all those trips back and forth to the kitchen were only 1 kcal worth.

However, one thing you might consider helpful is sharing each other’s jinks, just to remind yourself that we are all in this together (literally).

Shall I start?

Glassic was supposed to be up and running by April 2020. Back in December, we have been gifted of 18.000 bottles, by Mr Schlegel, that are now somewhere in the ocean on a cute pink ferry destination Koh Kut. And so were we.

We tried to hold onto the nice and comfortable idea that we would have been able to make it to Thailand in April too, but then reality hit.

And so here we are social distancing and smart working in Munich.

As much as we enjoy watching every episode of our favourite Tv show, we would rather be in Koh Kut and finally see Glassic on business, as you would rather going to that concert that got cancelled, or whatever you were planning to do.

What can we do about it? Actually, NOTHING. We can get a little whiny over all that could, should, would have happened and eat some ice-cream, but unfortunately, none of these activities is expected to have any impact on what is going on.

However, there is much more we can do. Now I am going to replicate the “mirror neurons trick” but this time with motivating activities instead of jinks, so keep reading. You might get a little inspired.

Here is what we are doing with Glassic:

  • We keep up with our weekly meeting (see the cute picture above)

  • We are planning the Enactus National Cup 2020 presentation video

  • We are competing for the OneRace4Oceans Contest

  • We are updating our website

  • We are creating content and educating ourselves with webinars

  • We think that even though all of this, we are pretty lucky to be part of this beautiful Glassic change (and yes, we also watch TV and eat ice-cream)

Here is what YOU can do:

  • If you are a student, study. If you are not, read

  • Check out some webinars, ebooks, reports on something you are passionate about and educate yourself

  • Call a friend you haven’t been in touch for a while or reach out for people who inspire you on LinkedIn

  • Update your CV

  • Keep moving (away from other people please)

  • Check out Glassic website and social media

Maybe, compared to starting a business or a new job, all of these activities might seem marginal, but just like every big change starts from a few and small actions, so do success.

We want to make the most out of this time we have been “gifted”. We want to work on every little detail. We want to build that road to success and rock the way out of it. And in this case, yes, “we can get what we want”.

Thanks for reading and remember to follow us on our social media.

Now the surprise(s):

New Glassic Logo

Picture of a cute puppy for whoever does not feel more motivated or simply skipped to the end of the article just to see the “surprise”.


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